LifePhoto - iPhone Album application

About the LifePhoto+

LifePhotoThe LifePhoto+ is an album application into which the photograph is classified by every the passage years. Because the registered photograph is automatically classified at months old, the age, and years, I can enjoy growth of a child and family's memories with the time passage. Moreover, the slide show can be shown by a browser by the PhotoServer, and the photograph on PC be uploaded easily. It becomes an album application for a person not good at the arrangement of the photograph and the person who carries the photograph of the child and the family and the own car.

Difference with free version Lifephoto

Major features

Important when using it for Dropbox

The connection to Dropbox is generated every 15 minutes while LifePhoto is running. Please note that a mobile connection of the following amount account is used.

The use of Dropbox will apply to the agreement for use of Dropbox.

About the store of the photograph data

The original size of which it takes a picture by the method of 1 photograph is stored in the camera roll of iPhone. Only the thumbnail is store in the application.

The original size registered by the method of 2, 3, 4 and 5 photograph is not stored on iPhone. Only the thumbnail is store in the application.

Notes when using it

There is a case where an automatic classification in the photograph is not correctly done. Please change in that case by hand power.

Please use Wi-Fi connection in a private Wifi environment. The third party can access the life photo when using it in ..public.. Wifi environment.


Purchase from following App Store, please.