AutoLap - iPhone Lap Timer

The lap time of running and running in the racetrack is measured more easily.

Will you mutter from the race track to twitter?

It waits in the pit, and I think that everyone or more comes to be able to enjoy running in the racetrack by muttering lap time to gril friend, the wife, and the friends.

Will you measure the lap time such as running and running in the racetrack more easily?

A special equipment : to the desire that accuracy and the function are abundant and too expensive for a moment.

It is an application that automatically measures lap time and the section time when running in the race track and running.

Point 1

The lock function for the operation prevention under running is equipped.

Point 2

Not only lap time but also the section time can be measured.

Point 3

The course setting can be set only by going to the starting point and the section point to be measured in the course that usually runs and pushing the button.

Point 4

When the lap line is passed the section line, it is possible to mutter to twitter when beginning to record.

Major features


Please turn on and use the location-based service and the Wifi connection when you use it.

About the street error margin of the lap line and the section line

There is a possibility that it is generated not to be measured automatically even if the lap line and the section line are passed according to the accuracy because this application uses the location-based service. Therefore, we will recommend the width of the lap line and the section line to be secured by about 330ft.(Test results by iPhone3GS + iPhoneOS 3.1.2)

About the measuring error when it runs the race track

The error margin occurs for about +-1 second because of the measurement performance at the position of iPhone and the accuracy when running. (Test results by iPhone3GS + iPhoneOS 3.1.2)


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