About iValues

iValues wants to enhance the value of the information technologym, Investment and Innovation. It contributes to everybody in the information site and the mobile application.

iPhone/iPad Album Application「LifePhoto」

LifePhoto The LifePhoto is an album application into which the photograph is classified by every the passage years. Because the registered photograph is automatically classified at months old, the age, and years, I can enjoy growth of a child and family's memories with the time passage. Moreover, the slide show can be shown by a browser by the PhotoServer, and the photograph on PC be uploaded easily. It becomes an album application for a person not good at the arrangement of the photograph and the person who carries the photograph of the child and the family and the own car.

iPhone laptimer「AutoLap」

オートラップ It is an application that automatically measures lap time and the section time when running in the race track and running. The lap line and the section line to measure the circuit and the running course where I run are set and it runs.The lap lime and the section time are measured when the line automatically set is passed.

Site where XBRL is used「XBRL Minder」(Japanese only)

It is a site where the XBRL data disclosed by the enterprise is used by various methods.